Monday, December 14, 2009

[dog] and [pony] dvd release show

Nick and Krister of [dog] and [pony] celebrated the release of their volume one dvd of local bands with a release show at SPACE this Saturday. They mixed up a lot of interesting musical combinations, including this performance by Aly Spalto (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) and the Jacob Augustine Band covering Dilly Dilly's Hollerin' Man (from my favorite album of 2009- "Of Art and Intention")

Dilly Dilly has also announced the end of her 6 month hiatus from music and will be returning to the stage with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper on February 2nd at Port City Music Hall.

Jesse Pilgrim also played this Saturday, turning in my overall favorite set, as his band (the Bonfire) careened through their distorted folk punk. Alicia and I were also lucky enough to get Jesse down to the Red Telephone on Sunday for a set of solo songs. I'm hoping to get the Red Telephone archives online again in the near future, so hopefully you'll be able to hear some of those songs soon.

More exciting Eternal Otter Record announcements coming up...