Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great Shows Tonight!

I'm DJing down at the Picnic Holiday Sale for the Maine Radio Project. Theodore Treehouse will be playing live in just a few minutes before heading down to SPACE for their CD release show (with Phantom Buffalo and Brenda). So, come down to the Maine Irish Heritage Center (34 Gray St) to pick up some great gifts and hear some awesome music.

In addition to Theodore Treehouse's CD release, there is an orgy of great shows today - including the Jakob Battick curated Lysa Hora Night at Mayo Street. At Biddeford's The Oak & the Ax, [dog] and [pony] celebrate the release of their 2nd dvd with performances by Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire, Wesley Hartley & the Traveling Trees, Greg Jamie, and more. Plus you can see Meghan Yates at Local Sprouts or see the hot touring act Grace Potter & the Nocturnals down at the State (where you'll find me working).

So, lots of great shows to choose from! Go see one!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Shipping for the Month of December

Although the two vinyl singles that Eternal Otter Records released this year don't technically qualify for my Top 10 Albums of the year, I do think they represent some of the best music Maine has to offer. And you can order them with free shipping for the entire month of December. A great gift for your offbeat music-loving, vinyl-obsessive friends and relatives.

The first single series, Death, Rebirth & Transformation collected unreleased recordings from seminal Maine bands that have broken up. Cerberus Shoal offers "Tailor of Graves b/w Hymn", from their "lost album" The Ongoing Ding, now only available in Japan (and my choice for 4th best album of the year). Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's Aly Spaltro and her former bandmate TJ Metcalfe each turn in a solo track on their vinyl - "Sunday Shoes" and "Metal Mouth". The almost unknown, but terrifyingly awesome (or awesomely terrifying), Blaque Boose submitted the seasonally-appropriate "Winter" and "Past Live Owen"; the only two songs they ever officially released.

The second single series, Mystic Chords of Memory, collects music from Portland's neo-Americana scene. Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire tell the story of "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure" on the A-side to their single (also available on Treble Treble Vol. 2). On the flip, Jesse turns in the solo "What Comes Ashore", and duets with Aly Spaltro on "Lead Me Down". D. Gross and Samuel James commit their musical partnership to wax on the split single featuring Gross' "First Train" and James' "George, the One Man Carnival". Over A Cardboard Sea, who recently played a triumphant show at the State Theatre's 1930s Night, cover the classic vaudeville tune "Down in the Subway" and turn in the definitive version of "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"

Get these great records now!

This has been an exciting year for Eternal Otter Records. Besides releasing these two vinyl singles, we hosted a vinyl release show at SPACE Gallery (featuring Aly + TJ's first Lady Lamb reunion), organized the first concert to take place on the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad (in celebration of the release of "Mystic Chords of Memory"), presented the 2nd Annual Building of Song Festival, assisted Hillytown with the CMJ Music Marathon's first ever Portland Showcase, helped launch the online Maine Radio Project, and brought Over A Cardboard Sea and The Wizard of Oz to State Theatre. Eternal Otter Records would also like to congratulate Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, the first artist we ever released, who just won "Best Folk Artist" at the Boston Music Awards.

Eternal Otter Records would like to thank Ian Paige, Bryan Bruchman, Jenny McGee, and everybody at SPACE; the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad; Lauren Wayne at the State Theatre; Pat May and everybody at the Portland Music Foundation; All the great DJs that supported Eternal Otter Records, including Mark Curdo, Charlie Gaylord, Robin Ivy, and Roy Ghim; Jess Lipton and everybody at the Maine Radio Project; Chriss Sutherland, Big Blood, Aly Spaltro, We Are X, Dead Man's Clothes, Sontiago, Samuel James, D. Gross, Dominic Lavoie, John Fountain, Dave Cimato, Dale Rand, Tristan Gallagher, Patric & Celeste, Greg Jamie, Jakob Battick, [dog] and [pony], l'animaux tryst, Travis Cyr, and many more. And, of course, Minnie Pistola and all the Panda Bandits!

We are looking forward to 2011 and another great year of Maine Music!