Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview with the Deli Magazine

The Deli Magazine recently ran an interview with me about Eternal Otter Records. Check it out here.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates

Lots of good news from Eternal Otter Records recently. First off, we were recently featured in a Free Press article about Portland record labels - check it out here.

There are also a lot of great Eternal Otter Records-approved shows coming up over the next few days. Tomorrow (Wednesday), SPACE Gallery is hosting a Johnny Cash tribute night to benefit prison literacy programs. Jesse Pilgrim (nominee for Best Folk Act in the Phoenix's Best Music Poll) will be playing a number of Cash Classics with his band The Bonfire. Also expect an appearance by Waisely "Scar" Lighthead, Panda Bandit. More info here.

Also on Wednesday, Johnny Fountain & Dominic Lavoie launch their West Coast Tour. Check the sidebar to see their upcoming dates. I'm sure they'll be looking for a place to sleep and a warm meal from time to time, too - so help these traveling musicians out! And take the chance to see these great Portland acts outside their natural habitat.

On Thursday, back in Portland, our good friends in Dead Man's Clothes (nominee for Best New Act in the BMP) will be participating in the Live and Local taping; They will perform at EMPIRE and the show will be taped for public broadcast. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (nominee for Best Local Act) will play the Saturday May 1st show, also at EMPIRE. More info here.

On Sunday, we'll be taking a week off from the Red Telephone to participate in our first vinyl vendor sale. Novares Res, Portland's Best Bar, is hosting a "Vinyl Education" featuring various vinyl vendors (including Eternal Otter Records). The event is also a fundraiser for schools in Tanzania. So, come out and support a good cause, drink some beer, and pick up some cool records! More info here.

Don't forget to keep voting in the Phoenix's Best Music Poll. Vote now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eternal Otter Records Bootleg!

The Eternal Otter Records Bootleg is now available at Bull Moose Records in celebration of Record Store Day. Copies are limited to six handpackaged albums. The album is FREE with your purchase of "The Death, Rebirth & Transformation" vinyl single series.

Get it while you can! See post below for more information.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day!!!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day across the nation, and if you live in Portland, Maine, you can take advantage of a great special offer.

Head down to the Bull Moose Records this Saturday (April 17th) and pick up a copy of Eternal Otter Records' "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" vinyl single series; when you do, you will receive a FREE copy of THE ETERNAL OTTER RECORDS "BOOTLEG": SPACE 1.29.10

THE "BOOTLEG" features performances from January's vinyl release party at SPACE Gallery. The songs were recorded by [dog] and [pony] and edited by Patrick Dennis. Here is the amazing track list:

1. Falling Down in Portland, Maine - Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire
2. Ghost Town - Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire
3. By the Beautiful Sea - Over A Cardboard Sea
4. Leaning on a Lamp Post - Over A Cardboard Sea
5. Hummingbird - D Gross
6. Path of Ashes (Samuel James cover) - Panda Bandits
7. Don't Cast Me Out - Moses Atwood
8. The Sun - Blaque Boose
9. Mary Jude - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
10. Almond Colored Sheets - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
11. Penny Licks - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Not only does this album rock from top to bottom, but it also captures Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's final performance as duo - with Aly Spaltro and TJ Metcalfe (now of Dead Man's Clothes) reuniting specifically for this show.

So, go down to Bull Moose this Saturday, pick up Eternal Otter Records first vinyl single series (which includes mesmerizing songs by Cerberus Shoal, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and Blaque Boose), and walk away with this revelatory document of Portland's music scene.

What? You don't live in Portland? You can still get your hands on this special release! Order the complete "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" series online at by May 7th, and we'll include a copy of the EOR BOOTLEG with your order.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Music Poll

It's time to vote in The Phoenix's Best Music Poll. There are a number of great Eternal Otter Records related artists nominated across a variety of categories:

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
is up for "Best Local Act", "Best Female Vocalist", "Best India Act", and "Best Live Act". Buy her album "Samples for Handsome Animals" on Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - For Handsome Animals . Or mail order her vinyl single "Sunday Shoes" here.

Although Cerberus Shoal has long since disbanded, their individual members continue to have a major impact on Portland's music scene. Dilly Dilly is up for "Best Album", Chriss Sutherland for "Best Folk Act", and "Big Blood" for Best Category-Defying Act. Order the Cerberus Shoal vinyl single series here. You can also catch Big Blood live this Saturday at the Apohadion.

A number of the musicians featured in Eternal Otter Records' upcoming vinyl single series "Mystic Chords of Memory" are up for various awards:

Jesse Pilgrim for "Best Folk Act".
Samuel James is up for "Best Local Act", "Best Album", and "Best Blues Act".
Dana Gross is up for "Best Roots Act".

Building of Song mainstay performer Dominic Lavoie (of the Lucid) is up for "Best Male Vocalist"; the Lucid is also up for "Best Pop-Rock Act".

Frequent Panda Bandits-collaborators Dead Man's Clothes are up for "Best New Act". Expect to find more about their upcoming release on this blog in the near future.

Vote here! You can vote daily.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out this review of the Cerberus Shoal 7" single!

Ampeater Music, a great review site dedicated to off-the-radar music, has posted a lovely review of the Cerberus Shoal 7" (Tailor of Graves/Hymn) - one of the releases from Eternal Otter Record's recent "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" vinyl single series. Check it out here.

Here are some choice quotes:

"If most of the music that hits your ears was made somewhere along the L train, now’s the time to perk up and pay attention, because there’s something special happening up north."

"Tailor of Graves” sets course on such a comfortable trajectory that it’s a genuine surprise when the song twice builds to extraordinary tension, only to slip effortlessly back into familiar territory. This careful balance between experimental and folk influences make Cerberus Shoal both immediately likable and pervasively unsettling. Both lines run concurrently through “Tailor of Graves,” earning it a spot as a perennial favorite on my turntable these past couple weeks."

You can also purchase singles from the "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" series directly from the Ampeater site or from our own newly launched site.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Building of Song Tonight

It's the First Friday of a glorious April. It's also the return of Building of Song with performances by our favorites, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and Dominic Lavoie. Come down to Congress Square to soak in their songs, or head to the 5th Floor of the Congress Building (142 High St) to watch them play up close and personal. Donations welcome.