Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the News

Happy New Year!

A couple of great articles came out today featuring artists who have released music through Eternal Otter Records. First, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is featured in a stellar profile in Maine Magazine, recounting the story of her early recordings through her decision to set out for adventures beyond these borders. Read the article here.

The Lady Lamb the Beekeeper 7" single "Sunday Shoes b/w Metal Mouth" is currently available through Eternal Otter Records. Her former band mate, TJ Metcalfe, is featured on the B-side. There are also a limited number of physical copies left of Samples for Handsome Animals. Get them while you can as there are no current plans for a second printing! Samples for Handsome Animals will also be going off iTunes soon, but is now available directly through Lady Lamb's bandcamp page.

Samuel James, who released a split 7" single with D. Gross last year, is also profiled in the Portland Press Herald today. Check out the article here. Order the record here. See Samuel James and D. Gross play live at Blue in Portland on January 20th.