Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chriss Sutherland & The Boy Who Spoke Clouds LIVE @ Buoy Gallery this Thursday 6/2

Completing the trilogy of Cerberus Shoal "Where Are They Now" blog posts- I'd like to point you to Chriss Sutherland's show at Buoy in Kittery tomorrow night. I've waxed poetic about Chriss Sutherland in this blog before- besides being the co-founder of Cerberus Shoal, he is also one of the driving forces behind Fire on Fire (just named by the Phoenix as the best band in Maine), and the creator of two amazing solo albums. Best of all, his shows are always full of surprises as he picks liberally from his solo career, FF tunes, and an assortment of great cover songs (I Shall Be Released, The Circle Will be Unbroken, Big Blood's Oh Country, Darlin' Cory). Alicia is convinced that he transports himself to some transcendental plane when he sings. I agree.

He will also be joined by his mate from Australia- The Boy Who Spoke Clouds. He's touring behind his debut solo release- apparently it was recorded on a camcorder microphone to a cheap sound card, but I would never have guessed it as he manages to create a dense, dreamlike atmosphere with his songs- filled with ominous hand clapping and restrained intensity that crashes forward like waves in the moonlight.

Check it out.

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