Monday, August 17, 2009

What we've been up to...

Besides getting down as the Panda Bandits, we've been keeping busy through the summer here at Eternal Otter Records. A quick round-up:

Although fire code issues have temporarily shutdown the Tower of Song for the foreseeable future, the event lived on during August's Art Walk as the "Building of Song". Patric and Celeste of Arcadia Design Works were kind enough to host the event across the street in their 5th-floor studio. Tower of Song mainstays, Johnny Fountain and Aly Spaltro, both performed great sets, and the evening was topped off with guest Joshua Cristantiello improvising a song about the various pedestrians out on the street.

We all had a blast and the sound was great outside. Thanks again to Patric and Celeste for making this event possible!

We are still waiting to see if we can continue to host the Tower of Song in this new location. But regardless, we promise to keep bringing you interesting collisions of music and architecture.

Eternal Otter Records also recently concluded it's month of live programming at the York Harbor Reading Room. This series included a number of great, intimate performances by the likes of Johnny Fountain, Dominic Lavoie, Denise Dill, Granny Frost, Jesse Pilgrim, Over A Cardboard Sea, and Christian Cuff.

Last Sunday, Alicia and I also welcomed Dana Gross to perform live on our radio program, The Red Telephone. He played a great set and I hope to post a sample track as soon as I find a new music hosting website. In the meantime, I suggest you check him out during his regular Thursday gig at Blue- he is also often joined by Samuel James. The Red Telephone is on the air every other Sunday from 10 am to Noon. If you live in Portsmouth, just tune to 106.1 fm. If not, catch us online at

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