Thursday, September 3, 2009

Johnny Fountain & The Manes LIVE! TONIGHT!

Want to see a great show tonight?

Head down to the EMPIRE at 9 PM to catch Johnny Fountain & The Manes tearing it up on the upstairs stage. The cover is a recession-proof $2.

As an added bonus, you'll get to see a high concept music performance from Christian Cuff and Amanda Gervasi. Both are incredibly talented musicians, and they are also former lovers! They will go back and forth, trading 3-4 song sets, that chronicle their move to Portland and subsequent breakup. It will be way better than that Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston movie!

Hope to see you there!


Also, I have to mention that there was a great show at Slainte this Tuesday! The newly engaged Meghan Yates and Mordecai Rosenblatt started things off, capturing the room with Meghan's inimitable vocals backed by her guitar and Mordecai's jazzy bass. They both glowed with love throughout the entire set. They finished with an incredible version of "Man of Sorrow", my favorite cut from Meghan's new album, "Decension". For this a capella jam they were also joined by the one and only Moses Atwood, on leave from his hometown of Asheville.

Moses ended up taking the stage next to perform solo and then joined his band, Johnson's Crossroad, on dobro. A truly great performer who should never be missed during his all too infrequent trips to Portland. I hope he releases a new album soon! Check out his self-titled release from 2006 if you have never heard it, it's a real treat (and features Meghan on backing vocals).

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