Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where have we been?

So, I know it's been awhile since I've last posted to the blog, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening over at Eternal Otter Records- quite the contrary. What's in store for Spring?

First, if you need a reminder, we now have the Death, Rebirth & Transformation vinyl series in stores all across Portland- including:

Madgirl World. Madgirl World is a really awesome clothing and design store on Commercial Street (they currently have a fashion display at Port City Music), and they have also setup a great listening station for local music (so you can actually spin the records before you buy them.

Strange Maine & Time-Lag Records. Offbeat record stores (and more) that - one above, one below.

You can also buy the entire series as a hemp-bound set at Bull Moose Records. For our Portsmouth friends, you can find the records at Odessey & Oracle in Portsmouth (on Fleet St across from Friendly Toast)

We'll keep expanding the availability of the records, but if you can't make it to Portland or (Portsmouth), the series can be ordered by mail order here.

Also, coming up soon is the release of the second Eternal Otter Records Vinyl Single Series, "Mystic Chords of Memory". This collection includes new songs from Portland's Neo-Americana scene, featuring Jesse Pilgrim, Dana Gross, Samuel James, and Over A Cardboard Sea. You'll be hearing a lot more about this series as we get closer to the release date.

Earlier this month we also hosted what might have been our best Building of Song yet! It started with an experimental "Chakra Ledge" performance by Matthew Lajoie (founder of the extraordinary l'animaux tryst label), which used various sounds and instrumentation to chart a course through the human body - it started at the feet with improvisational drumming and ended at the head with the ringing of bells. Meghan Yates & the Reverie Machine followed next and held Portland spellbound with their otherworldly melodies. Finally, Dominic Lavoie (joined by Lajoie on electric guitar) gave a loose but riveting performance. Dominic's band, the Lucid, also just played a show at the EMPIRE last night after a long break and will be releasing their third album this springs- Garlands for the Conqueror.

Our radio show, The Red Telephone, also recently hosted a live performance by psych-rockers Planets Around the Sun. We'll be debuting a spiffy new website soon, and we'll post sample tracks from all 18 of our Red Telephone sessions! Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out our next show tomorrow from 10 am to Noon (ET), right here.

Finally, since I always like to pass on tips about good shows, welcome in the season with the Spring Equinox show at SPACE, featuring two of my favorite bands - Big Blood & Uke of Space Corners.

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