Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Panda Bandits on the March

Who are the Panda Bandits? They have been called "Portland's Strangest Animal Collective", "Like a fish gasping for water", "a celebration", and "some wonderful cult". Lead by Waisely "Scar" Lighthead and his Bandit Queen, Marie "Minnie" Pistola, they present to you the following trilogy of upcoming shows.

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
Panda Bandits / Jakob Battick & Friends
Friday, March 11th, 9 PM at Slainte in Portland

Thunder meets Lightning as Jakob Battick & Friends team up with the Panda Bandits for a night of dark country magic*. Cohen and Cave disciple Jakob Battick celebrates the release of his Bloodworm Songs EP before he and his friends disband to various corners of the world (Russia, the Appalachian Trail, the dark recesses of the mind) for an extended hiatus. Check out the video for Three Orphans, the single from Bloodworm Songs.

Jakob Battick & Friends- 'Three Orphans' (Bloodworm Songs) from JakobBattick&Friends on Vimeo.

The Panda Bandits will be presenting material old and new, including work commissioned for last year's Vampire Musical Rock n Roll & the Immortal Soul, tales of revenge, stolen songs, and the Ballad of Marie Pistola. Get in the mood for a moody night with this promo video, directed by Jakob Battick.

Jakob Battick & Friends/Panda Bandits 03/11/11 from JakobBattick&Friends on Vimeo.


Bad Seeds
Dead Man's Clothes/ The Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue / Panda Bandits
Saturday, March 26th, 7:30 PM at The Oak & the Ax in Biddeford
Bad Seeds: $6 / Good Seeds $10

For this show, the Panda Bandits will be releasing their debut cassette EP, titled REVOLVER. The seductive and subversive Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue offer an inspired feast. And Dead Man's Clothes return home from their SXSW tour. Has there ever been a better reason to venture down the back alleys of Biddeford? Email your mailing address to to request a hand printed show invitation designed Kris Johnsen's Emblem Studios.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW via BROWN PAPER TICKETS. $10 if you are a Good Seed. $6 if you are Bad Seed. Good Seeds will receive a flower at the door. All advance ticket holders will receive $1 off the purchase of the Panda Bandit's REVOLVER EP. Get your tickets here.


Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire CD Release Show
Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire / Panda Bandits / Grant Street Orchestra / Butcher Boy
Saturday, April 2nd, 8 PM at SPACE Gallery in Portland
$8 18+

Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire celebrate the release of their debut full-length Trial & Error. I've heard it, and this album kicks, punches, falls down, and gets up to take another swig of whiskey. Panda Bandits join a trio of fearsome openers, before the man himself takes the stage to burn down the house with the Bonfire.

Check out Jesse Pilgrim performing at last year's Building of Song Festival, and grab a copy of his 7" vingle single, "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure", from Eternal Otter Records.

Building of Song 2010 - Jesse Pilgrim from House Productions on Vimeo.

Eternal Otter Records has a new Facebook Page - LIKE IT here to stay up to date on Eternal Otter Records and the Panda Bandits... you wouldn't want us to catch you unawares...

Waisely Lighthead

* genre name stolen from Big Blood's excellent new album, Dark Country Magic.

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