Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Feel Good Party of the Winter 2/27

On Friday SPACE celebrated the birthdays of their employees Jess + Bryan (Bryan is responsible for Hilly Town, required reading for anybody with an interest in the Portland music scene). In addition to an endless feast of pink and red cupcakes, and pumping music, there was the one night, one song only Supergroup, Hairy Grass Knuckle, comprised of Portland's Queen of Hip-Hop- Sontiago, the Cerberus Siren- Dilly Dilly, and Lady Lamb herself- Aly Spaltro. The Song? Destiny Child's "Say My Name"

Spaltro took the stage with her side-pony tail and ukulele, before being joined by Sontiago and Dilly Dilly (also on ukulele). After trading vocals back and forth in perfect harmony, Dilly Dilly, plugged in her ukulele and lit into some electric shredding. The crowd went wild.

And history was made.

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