Friday, February 20, 2009

Johnny & The Manes Play Live at the Empire this Saturday

Johnny Fountain and his band of rogues, otherwise known as The Manes, will be playing upstairs at The Empire Dine & Dance with the Jerks of Grass and Strause & Co (who will also be releasing a new CD).

Johnny & The Manes were last heard roaring out from the Tower of Song, and this is sure to be a great rocking set. Johnny has been working on some new songs recently, including a tale of adventure on the high seas, and a psychedelic exploration into the Thought Machine. I'll probably have a few drinks, and heckle him until he gives in and plays one of these new jams.

Fountain has also received some good press for his solo show recently, with a nice write up in The Noise, a Boston-based music rag that covers the New England Rock Scene:

"John Fountain, a twenty-something bartender with long dirty-blonde hair takes the stage with his guitar. He begins to sing, and my arm hairs stand at attention. The sound and rhythm of his voice is a cross between that of Bob Dylan and Ray LaMontagne... His voice is deep, yet soothing. He holds his guitar close to his body, seemingly at home onstage. A girl sitting next to me says, 'I could listen to this guy all night.' The feeling is mutual"

Johnny's deep, yet soothing voice takes the stage with the rest of the Manes at 9 pm. The cover is $5.

After the Manes are done, I'll probably swing by SPACE to check out the 48 Hour Music Festival, which is sure to be an interesting spectacle. I'll be sorry to miss the Jerks of Grass, but I'll make it up to them by heading down to the Bramhall Pub for their regular Thursday Gig. It's always a great time, and it's been far too long since I've last been.

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