Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Blood falls for a thousand years....

A must see show is taking place at the Meg Perry Center tonight featuring Big Blood, Uke of Spaces Corners, and Attar Cups. Big Blood is the phantom four-piece comprised of Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella (also of Fire on Fire) and their alter egos Rose Philistine and Asian Mae. Their music belongs to an alternate history of hypnotic Americana, and is truly deserving of the ultimate one-word critical analysis: "Timeless"

They recently played a few songs for 106.1 fm Portsmouth Community Radio, one of which you can listen to hear. Go. Listen. Now.

Now imagine that incredible music filling up the streets of Portland as we finally shed our winter scales and welcome the warmth of Spring. You won't have to imagine for long, because Big Blood is Tower of Song's next guest performer. As always, Tower of Song takes place over Congress Square during the first Friday of the month (in this case, April 3rd) from 5 to 8 pm. This month we will also be joined by Adriana Stimola (our first out-of-state performer!) and usual suspects Johnny Fountain and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

In other exciting Tower of Song news, Johnny, Alicia, and I will be appearing on WMPG for an interview about the project. The show is Liberation by Sound and we'll go on at 4 pm this coming Tuesday, March 31st. We'll also be playing a few songs by Tower of Song performers, past/present/future. So, stay tuned for that. Hopefully, we'll have even more big news concerning Tower of Song after April 6th, when the Portland City Council convenes to vote on a matter of great importance...

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