Friday, March 20, 2009

Chriss Sutherland CD release show

Chriss Sutherland has his CD release party at SPACE tonight for his brilliant new album, Worried Love. His debut solo album, Me in a "field", was one of my favorite releases from last year. This new set of songs moves away from his more straight-forward folk to embrace a more sprawling brand of idiosyncratic rock, and finds room to continue to explore his love of spanish words and music.

Chriss is also one of the founding member of the legendary Cerberus Shoal, who later rose from the ashes as Fire on Fire. I first heard Cerberus Shoal's epic "Ding" before I even moved to Maine via Alicia via New Jersey's WFMU. The sound was absolutely otherworldly, and it wasn't until I was packing up to move to Portland that I checked the liner notes and realized the band was from Maine. Of course, by that point they had already mutated into Fire on Fire- who released last year's best album, The Orchard.

So, Chriss is largely responsible for some of the greatest music I have ever heard, and you shouldn't miss this CD release show. But, if you do, I'm extremely happy to announce that you can catch him live on The Red Telephone. This show, hosted by Alicia and me, is from 10 am to noon this Sunday on Portsmouth Community Radio 106.1 fm. Chriss will go on at 11. You can listen live here.

Portland's excellent Peapod Recordings is responsible for releasing Worried Love.

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