Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper LIVE @ One Longfellow Square 6/25

Aly Spaltro played her first solo show as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper since parting ways with TJ Metcalfe on Thursday at One Longfellow Square.

Although Aly admitted to feeling lonely up on stage, she crafted a spellbinding performance that simultaneously dug deep into the past while pointing towards the future.

Highlights of the show included a mash up of two of her oldest songs "Lady Lamb" and "Spine in my Back", achieved through the use of a looping machine and cathartic drumming. She also played the Handsome Animals highlight Mane on its Lion- a song that she introduced as being perfect for a kindergartener to play tambourine on, but she had second thoughts when she came to the line "the run with its sweat, teens with their sex, the ocean with its wet".

The most startling revelation from the night was when she played a slow-downed version of The Nothing (the rap usually sandwiched into the middle of the marching band stomp of Penny Licks) on banjo. I cried.

She closed the show with a new song called Guatemala, again she had to make up for the absence of a bandmate by stretching herself across the stage from looping pedal, to korg, to drum kit.

Aly Spaltro's a one-women army now. She will open up and swallow you whole. But it will feel so nice upon your soul.

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