Wednesday, June 24, 2009

one, two, three, four....

You have to do yourself a favor tomorrow and walk into a world of beauty. This summer has started with rain clouds and band break ups- but the sunshine is now waiting for your embrace.

The divine Ms. Aly Spaltro returns to One Longfellow Square on Thursday as the mystical Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. She has embarked on a solo adventure and wonder awaits all those graced by her visions. Expect looping stations, songs from "For Handsome Animals" that have never been played live (mane on its lion, perhaps?), and pulled heart strings that play a beautiful melody.

Then get prepared to take off your pants as Feel It Robot closes out the night.

It's time to sing in summer.

Take a bittersweet, beautiful look back at the past- courtesy of our friends from [dog] and [pony]:

Now embrace the future!

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