Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out this review of the Cerberus Shoal 7" single!

Ampeater Music, a great review site dedicated to off-the-radar music, has posted a lovely review of the Cerberus Shoal 7" (Tailor of Graves/Hymn) - one of the releases from Eternal Otter Record's recent "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" vinyl single series. Check it out here.

Here are some choice quotes:

"If most of the music that hits your ears was made somewhere along the L train, now’s the time to perk up and pay attention, because there’s something special happening up north."

"Tailor of Graves” sets course on such a comfortable trajectory that it’s a genuine surprise when the song twice builds to extraordinary tension, only to slip effortlessly back into familiar territory. This careful balance between experimental and folk influences make Cerberus Shoal both immediately likable and pervasively unsettling. Both lines run concurrently through “Tailor of Graves,” earning it a spot as a perennial favorite on my turntable these past couple weeks."

You can also purchase singles from the "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" series directly from the Ampeater site or from our own newly launched site.

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