Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day!!!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day across the nation, and if you live in Portland, Maine, you can take advantage of a great special offer.

Head down to the Bull Moose Records this Saturday (April 17th) and pick up a copy of Eternal Otter Records' "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" vinyl single series; when you do, you will receive a FREE copy of THE ETERNAL OTTER RECORDS "BOOTLEG": SPACE 1.29.10

THE "BOOTLEG" features performances from January's vinyl release party at SPACE Gallery. The songs were recorded by [dog] and [pony] and edited by Patrick Dennis. Here is the amazing track list:

1. Falling Down in Portland, Maine - Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire
2. Ghost Town - Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire
3. By the Beautiful Sea - Over A Cardboard Sea
4. Leaning on a Lamp Post - Over A Cardboard Sea
5. Hummingbird - D Gross
6. Path of Ashes (Samuel James cover) - Panda Bandits
7. Don't Cast Me Out - Moses Atwood
8. The Sun - Blaque Boose
9. Mary Jude - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
10. Almond Colored Sheets - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
11. Penny Licks - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Not only does this album rock from top to bottom, but it also captures Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's final performance as duo - with Aly Spaltro and TJ Metcalfe (now of Dead Man's Clothes) reuniting specifically for this show.

So, go down to Bull Moose this Saturday, pick up Eternal Otter Records first vinyl single series (which includes mesmerizing songs by Cerberus Shoal, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and Blaque Boose), and walk away with this revelatory document of Portland's music scene.

What? You don't live in Portland? You can still get your hands on this special release! Order the complete "Death, Rebirth & Transformation" series online at by May 7th, and we'll include a copy of the EOR BOOTLEG with your order.

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