Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Donate to the Building of Song Festival Performers through Kickstarter!

Want to donate to the Building of Song Festival, but would rather see your money go to the musicians than pay for the park permit and promotion costs? Well, now you can donate directly to the performers through Kickstarter. And you still get a cool Building of Song T-Shirt for donations of $25 or more. All money raised through Kickstarter will go to the musicians (and to paying off the costs of the T-shirts and other donation rewards).

Kickstarter works a little differently than regular donation sites. If we raise our goal of $700 by July 3rd, everything is good and we keep the money we raised. But if we don't reach our goal by our deadline, than none of our donors are charged and our performers don't get paid. But let's not have that happen!

Donate at Kickstarter now! And if you really want to help, donate to us at Eternal Otter Records here, so we don't go broke paying for all our permits, posters, and publicity. The event is free, so we got to make money somehow!

The Building of Song Festival is Saturday, July 3rd in Portland's Congress Square and features this amazing line-up of musicians:

The Lucid
Town Founder
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Over A Cardboard Sea
Samuel James
Jesse Pilgrim
Dead Man's Clothes
Uke of Spaces Corners
Meghan Yates & the Reverie Machine

There will also be an awesome Arts Fair in Congress Square during the Festival. Be there!

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