Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet the Vendors: DAM Fine Art

The Building of Song Festival is taking place Saturday, July 3rd from noon to 8 pm. Besides an absolutely incredible Line-up of musicians, the Festival will also feature an Arts Fair in Congress Square Park. We'll be profiling each of the Art Vendors every weekday between now and the Festival. We now present DAM Fine Art:

DAM stands for David A. Marshall, one of the most passionate champions of art in our community. Whether portraiture, still life, figure, or landscape, David's paintings are all strong in composition, color, form, and perspective. Portland is a frequent subject of his paintings, and he always brings a unique vibrancy to even the most familiar sights. Dave is also the first professional artist elected as a Portland City Councilor, and he works tirelessly to promote our City's creative energy. We are honored to host DAM Fine Art at the Building of Song Festival.

DAM Fine Art

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