Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live on the Red Telephone #9: Adriana Stimola

I first time I met Adriana Stimola was in Boston, through our mutual friend Ms. Phoebe Flower Gelfand. Adriana is a women of limitless charm, and I have fond memories of her playing the guitar on the roof of the apartment she shared with Phoebe. It had been a few years since I'd last seen her, so Alicia and I were thrilled when Adriana accepted our invitation to come up to Portland for a "whirlwind tour" of The Tower of Song and The Red Telephone.

We had a magnificent time gallivanting around Portland & Portsmouth with Adriana and her boyfriend, Ryan, and her performance on the Red Telephone was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful weekend. You can check out a sample song from the show here. Also, next time you are in Cambridge, be on the look out for Adriana- her music and personality is a pleasure to know.

More pictures from The Red Telephone here.

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