Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tower of Song 4.3.09

Last Friday Tower of Song played host to its largest line-up of musicians yet. First, Johnny Fountain and Adriana Stimola (visiting from Cambridge, Mass) traded songs back and forth as the rain cascaded down the window panes. The few souls who chose to brave the elements were treated to the beautiful reverberations of this music as it rolled down the street to Monument Square.

Although the downpour kept many people off the streets, those who made it inside the comfort of the Tower were treated to an amazing performance by Big Blood that included the addition of a Bow Chime and Brendan of Visitations. Check out this video of their new song "Well Water" - an appropriate choice for a rainy day.

Christian Cuff also stopped by to treat us to a few songs before Lady Lamb the Beekeeper took the stage to close out the show. Continuing their streak of surprises, Lady Lamb's setlist included a mix of old favorites, unreleased tunes, and brand new songs. I'm really, really looking forward to their upcoming show at the Port City Music Hall.

Check out more pictures from Tower of Song here.

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